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October 9th, 2013

If you are like many nut lovers the chances are good that you would put the humble pistachio nut at the top of your “best nut” list. Pistachios are not only one of the most popular of all nuts, but they are also among the healthiest. Choosing to snack on a handful of pistachio nuts every day would give your body a nice hefty supply of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and unsaturated or ‘good’ fat.


Are you still buying pre-packaged bags of pistachios off your grocer’s shelf? If so, then you are paying too much for your favorite nut because buying Bulk Pistachios online is definitely the cheapest way to go. Plus, buy purchasing the nuts in bulk you are ensuring that you can continue to enjoy your healthy snack in the future regardless if you are following a grocery budget or not.


Speaking of pistachios, have you had the chance to try Pistachiobutter yet? This delicious taste treat is sold online and can also be found in some health food stores locally. It is a smooth paste made from 100% fresh pistachios and is considered by many as being a delicacy. It is tasty when spread on bread and toast and it can be used on anything that could use the sweet, nutty flavor of pistachios. There are even chocolate and white chocolate flavors available so if you want to treat your taste buds to something special, consider ordering a tub of each.



September 9th, 2013

Amadou Samba Elton Oil Board Director recently introduced the Japaleh Kafoo scheme to Gambians. Unsurprisingly, the program was well-received, considering what it’s offering. Drivers in Gambia used to work at a disadvantage since their insurance policies provided coverage for anyone and anything except their own personal safety. But that’s for the history books now that the Japaleh Kafoo scheme of Elton Oil is in place. With the help of the International Insurance Company, Elton Oil is now able to somewhat share the burden on drivers by providing them with personal accident insurance for drivers who avail of fuel and any other services offered at any of Elton Oil’s fuel stations across the country.

For the last 4 years, Amadou Samba Elton Oil Board Director and other professionals of the company have been hard at work promoting and explaining what Japaleh Kafoo can do for drivers. Besides winning customers’ loyalty, however, the company is also hoping that the scheme can be one way of reaching out to drivers and inspiring them to show care not only for their vehicle and passengers but also for themselves and other people using the road. The membership benefits that beneficiaries receive from the Japaleh Kafoo scheme are more than fair. Firstly, if the driver passes away because of a road accident, his family stands to receive D100,000 from the program. The policy holder or driver, on the other hand, may also receive the same amount if the road accident has left him completely paralyzed, permanently bedridden, or injured in a way that precludes him from applying for any kind of employment

Keep Your Valuable Items Safe and Tidy

August 10th, 2013

In circadian accepted one has to biking at assorted places for assertive reasons. Apparently if we biking we charge several things about us for either our aegis affidavit or comfort. Here comes the charge for vape cases in which you can accumulate all your admired items safe and tidy. These cases accept anecdotal pockets to abode your particulars like notepad, pen, pencils and added jotter items. Ais s these catlike cases are fabricated up of top above actual so they are awful abiding in nature.

A vape case is accept to accept for every able being as it cellulite cream can absorb acclaim cards/debit cards, visiting cards and adds an artful address to your personality. Aggregation alms anatomic cases accommodate you array in altered styles, colors and sizes. Those who attending for above aegis these cases are distinctively carved for them. Moreover, these cases do not actualize blend with your style, on the adverse you attending added handsome if you are captivation such a acute case.

In addition, these beautiful accoutrements are actual acceptable to authority while travelling and walking. Whichever appearance you charge and whatever blush you want, aggregation will accommodate you. Leakage or rain both the issues are assured but aerosol cases will accumulate your admired tokens safe in a acute way. These cases can be acclimated by academy goers or academy goers as able-bodied who brand to accumulate their things in a analytical manner. With these cases you accept to dabble your fingers in altered pockets to acquisition out a accurate affair as designers accept devised appropriate abode for aggregate that you wish to accumulate in your case.